Alex Clark


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Egmont, PEI



Our beautiful Island needs to be protected for future generations. The values and ideals of being an Islander are under threat,

Alex Clark through his grit and passion can be a driving voice for sustainable growth.

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Electing Alex Clark as the Member of Parliament for Egmont puts your voice in Ottawa:

Supporting entrepreneurs and innovators in our community

Work along side other parties to ensure action in Parliament

Improving tax & social programs to create better equity, fairness, and efficiency

Focus on vital industries, fishing and farming, that are threatened by negative environmental actions

Act on the climate change facing Canada

Take action to improve healthcare for all. Protect Canadian values and reaffirm our pride in our Canadian health system

Alex Clark’s entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and grit has made him a driven community person who has proven his ability to enact change. A Green Vote in Egmont means your voice is not lost to whipped votes.


Alex Clark is a young entrepreneur who currently has two small businesses located in Summerside; Alex is also a graduate of the UPEI Business program.

He shares his voice on two tourism associations; Explore Summerside and North Cape Coastal Drive. These boards are a place he can express his views and opinions of support for small businesses in the Egmont area.


Growing up in the community of Linkletter, Alex was raised in a family of entrepreneurs who instilled his current work ethic and drive. Working for his family, and now himself, he’s always been dedicated to service over everything, he truly values the experience and respect to each and every person who enters his business. Alex was lucky to have the quintessential rural childhood; exploring the forests, brooks, streams, and oceanside. He spent many Summers in the Mill River area with his Grandparents, where they still have a cottage today. With a great appreciation for the beauty and warmth of living and being from Egmont Alex has always felt pride in calling it his home.



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